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Fahari Income-REIT (FAHR-I)

End of day - Mar 23, 2017
-0.05 (-0.48%)
10.45   -0.05 (-0.48%)
End of day - Mar 23, 2017
10.00 - 23.25
52-week Range
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Market Commentary

REITs are transforming how people are investing especially in the real estate sector around the world. Ultimately, the successful performance of the REITs to a large extent depends on the ability of the owners/agents to successfully operate the underlying properties

Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Real Estate Investment Trusts

The STANLIB Fahari I-REIT is Kenya’s first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). The Fund aims to provide investors with a steady stream of income and capital growth by investing at least 75% of its Total Asset Value (“TAV”) in real estate in strategic locations within Kenya with a maximum of 25% invested in cash investments or cash-like instruments. The STANLIB Fahari I-REIT is closed-ended and its units are listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange. Of the Direct Property allocation, the I-REIT will invest as per the permitted sectors including: Mixed Use Developments, Retail (Shopping Centers), Commercial (Offices), Industrial ( Warehousing and Logistics), Hospitality, Residential, Specialized Buildings, Schools, Manufacturing Facilities and Hospitals. 

Jan 16, 2017

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