BK Group Plc (BKG)

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End of day - Jun 18, 2024
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Sector:BankingShares Issued:896.76MMarket Cap.:30.67B
Segment:Main Investment SegmentAvg. Vol. (1m):2,230BETA (^NASI)
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About BK Group Plc

Bank of Kigali is based in Rwanda and operates approximately 79 branches providing retail, and commercial banking services to individuals (personal banking) and legal entities (business banking). The Company operates through three segments: Retail banking, Corporate Banking and Central Treasury. The Retail Baking segment includes banking services such as current account, savings and fixed deposits to individuals, retail lending, which are mainly consumer loans and mortgage based lending and mortgages. The Corporate Banking segment encompasses fixed deposits, overdrafts, loans and other credit facilities, both local and foreign currencies. The Central Treasury segment includes funding and centralized management activities through borrowings, issues of debt securities and investing in liquid assets such as short-term placements and corporate and government debt securities. In addition, the Company also provides Internet banking services.  

Nov 30, 2018
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