East African Portland Cement Ltd (PORT)

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End of day - Jun 18, 2024
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Sector:Construction and AlliedShares Issued:90.00MMarket Cap.:534.60M
Segment:Main Investment SegmentAvg. Vol. (1m):2,935BETA (^NASI)
Year End:June 30Dividend/Share:-Earnings/Share:86.40
Par Value:0.00 (Ordinary) PE Ratio:0.22Dividend Yield:%
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About East African Portland Cement Ltd

East Africa Portland Cement Company (EAPCC) is engaged in the manufacturing and sales of cement related products in East Africa. EAPCC has operations in Kenya and Uganda with its headquarters in Athi River-Nairobi, Kenya. Over the years, the company has greatly expanded its production capacity. The company can presently produce over 1.3 tonnes of cement per annum optimally with the the construction of a four megawatt power plant would run on waste gases generated by the company factory .This Plant would lower the annual cost of running the Athi River factory thus significantly improving efficiency levels.

EAPCC produces Blue Triangle Cement which is used for all cementing, mortar and concrete building applications. It also produces custom-made cement products for the construction trade. The company guding principles for it's business model are Growth, expansion and sustained profitability through expanding it'smarket share in Kenya and having a footprint in the region through the permanent base in Uganda. 

Jan 16, 2017
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