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Corporate Actions Outlook

BAT Book closure KES 52.00 final dividend May 26 2023
EABL Payment of KES 3.75 interim dividend Apr 28 2023
SCOM Payment of KES 0.58 interim dividend Mar 31 2023
KEGN Payment of KES 0.20 first and final dividend Mar 30 2023
CGEN Payment of KES 0.80 first and final dividend Mar 23 2023
SCOM Book closure KES 0.58 interim dividend Mar 15 2023
SCOM Announced a KES 0.58 interim dividend Feb 28 2023
CGEN Book closure KES 0.80 first and final dividend Feb 24 2023
BAT Announced a KES 52.00 final dividend Feb 17 2023
EABL Book closure KES 3.75 interim dividend Feb 16 2023
EABL Announced a KES 3.75 interim dividend Jan 27 2023
KEGN Book closure KES 0.20 first and final dividend Jan 26 2023
CGEN Announced a KES 0.80 first and final dividend Jan 26 2023
KCB Payment of KES 1.00 interim dividend Jan 13 2023
SCBK Payment of KES 6.00 interim dividend Dec 29 2022
CARB Payment of KES 1.70 final dividend Dec 16 2022
SCBK Book closure KES 6.00 interim dividend Dec 15 2022
KCB Book closure KES 1.00 interim dividend Dec 08 2022

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Financial News Headlines

Parliament to vet CBK governor nominee Kamau Thugge Tuesday Kenya Broadcasting Corporation Today, 1:12 pm
6 Best Forex Brokers in Kenya(Updated List 2023) Punch Newspapers Today, 12:23 pm
Top 10 Most Expensive Banks In Kenya Soko Directory Team Today, 10:55 am
Here Are The Top 10 Cheapest Banks In Kenya Soko Directory Team Today, 9:46 am
Kenya to scrap visa fees for Africa traders Business Daily Today, 12:02 am
Pension funds eye real estate billions Business Daily Today, 12:02 am
Covid: Kenya’s Sh43bn debt repayment holiday Business Daily Today, 12:02 am
Passport printer breaks down as backlog rises Business Daily Today, 12:02 am
NSE All Share Index
^NASI 97.980.230.24%

Opinion and Commentary

What's causing media stocks to dwindle? 22 Feb 2019
The uncertainty of an open digital market was not reassuring to investors. With a camera and a channel, anyone can start a TV station and broadcast on the digital platform. The quality difference would not be different.
Surviving era of profit warnings and price losses 06 Feb 2019
The economy is partly struggling because of excessive importation of cheaper goods. Chinese contractors come with their equipment, materials, cement and labour. Local manufacturers struggle to compete with Chinese products. It's a ruthless battle and battles are costly.
Powered to fail: The paradox of big projects, excess power and high power costs 30 Jan 2019
Kenya has a total installed capacity of 2300 MW. However, the country consumes only 1800 MW. About 500 MW remains unused or is lost in transmission. Elementary economics would suggest that because power is in excess, therefore it should be cheaper to consumers. But this is hardly the case.
Four Digital Trends Changing the Banking Industry 17 May 2018
The financial sector has evolved over the years with new technologies being introduced in the industry. In Kenya competition on who comes up with the next best application is changing our view of banks.
Silver lining in the Safaricom split narrative 03 May 2017
A split means that telephone services are offered by one firm while financial services are offered by another. It will empower m-pesa to fight competition, capture larger markets and deliver value
Equity Bank is strong but with an Achilles heel 13 Apr 2017
Equity bank is the largest bank in Kenya by customer deposits and the best bank in the world in terms of return on assets. Its success came from strategy to go for the bottom of the pyramid. The greatest threat to equity Bank is poor customer service, but it still is a strong investment destination
Safaricom: Value Investing Against Bear Runs 23 Mar 2017
If you bought Safaricom shares 5 years ago, you have made a return of close to 600%. Even in the face of competition and split recommendations due to alleged dominance, the company has continued to outperform and is currently by market capitalization, bigger than the combination of all Kenyan banks plus EABL!

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