Britam Holdings Plc (BRIT)

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End of day - May 27, 2024
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Sector:InsuranceShares Issued:2.52BMarket Cap.:13.27B
Segment:Main Investment SegmentAvg. Vol. (1m):42,950BETA (^NASI)
Year End:December 31Dividend/Share:-Earnings/Share:1.26
Par Value:0.00 (Ordinary) PE Ratio:7.94Dividend Yield:%
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About Britam Holdings Plc

British-American Investments Company (Kenya) Limited is a holding and investment company for insurance, investment management and property businesses in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique following the acquisition of Real Insurance in 2014. The Company's business segments include long term insurance business, short term insurance business, asset management, property , banking and other services. Britam is the banking industry through a 10.64% stake in equity bank and 48.82% in Housing Finance. The long term insurance business segment includes protection of its customers against the risk of premature death, disability, critical illness and other accidents. The short term insurance business segment includes the protection of customers' assets (both for personal and commercial business). The asset management segment products include discretionary/segregated portfolio management services and wealth management services. The property segment includes purchases and sales of property. The corporate and other segment includes corporate operations, after allocations to operating segments.

The Company strategy has a strong emphasis on risk managment based on three lines of defense which are: Ensuring sound corporate governance policies, indipendent risk monitoring at group level and indipendent assurance through external audit. The company has a diversified product offering with innovative products such as cash management solutions which are short term fixed deposits and active strategies which are high risk high return products based on frequency of trading. The company has also tapped the micro-insurance market through strategic partnerships with entities like Safaricom for ease of access. 


Jan 16, 2017
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