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ARM Cement Plc (ARM)

End of day - Aug 17, 2018
+0.40 (+7.77%)
5.55   +0.40 (+7.77%)
End of day - Aug 17, 2018
5.55 - 5.55
52-week Range
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Market Commentary

The argument, "the stock price is too high relative to earnings, therefore it's a bad investment" can be faulty. ARM Cement, dons a price-to earnings (P/E) ratio of 32.7, almost 10 times higher than its sectors P/E. Here is why I remain bullish on ARM�s prospects going forward.

Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Construction and Allied


ARM Cement Ltd. manufactures sodium silicate, lime, industrial minerals, formulated fertilizers and building products in East and Southern Africa. The company's business segments include Cement & Lime and Other Products. Among the products that the company produces are high quality composite portland cement manufactured as CEM II manufactured by inter-grinding high strength clinker, reactive natural pozzolana and high purity gypsum, CEM 1, 42.5 N manufactured with high strength clinker and specifically engineered for structural concrete works where high strength concrete is critical. The Company produces a large range of industrial mineral products for use in the manufacturing industry. Minerals such as limestone, calcite, dolomite, feldspar, kaolin, gypsum, bentonite and barytes form an essential component of many industrial products

ARM recently announced plans to cede a controlling stake to a strategic investor after it opted to offer new ordinary shares to the new partner at  buyout cost KES 14 billion cash injection and pay an undisclosed annual interest on the preference shares which were to be converted to equity in 2023. This is meant to strengthen the financial position of the company as it executes its regional growth plans.


Jan 16, 2017
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