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Kenya Re-Insurance Corporation Ltd (KNRE)

End of day - Oct 03, 2022
-0.02 (-1.01%)
1.96   -0.02 (-1.01%)
End of day - Oct 03, 2022
1.92 - 2.60
52-week Range
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Corporate Actions Outlook

Payment of KES 0.10 first and final dividend Jul 29 2022
Book closure KES 0.10 first and final dividend Jun 17 2022

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Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Insurance

Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Limited provides reinsurance and risk management solutions services to insurance companies and most classes of business in Kenya, Africa, Middle East and Asia. They provide clients with risk transfers in all lines of business. In addition to offering traditional non-life products like fire, accident, liability, motor and life classes, Kenya Re has invested heavily in Research and Innovation. It also provides solutions to the emerging risks like cyber and terrorism covers. Kenya Re also does pricing and product development.  Currently, Kenya Re is the regional managers for Organization of East and Southern Africa Insurers (OESAI), National Bureau of COMESA Yellow Card scheme and National Surety for Regional COMESA Transit Guarantee (RCTG).

Outside the core business of offering reinsurance services to the market, Kenya Re has significant property portfolio which constitutes about 35% of its total investments. Investment properties comprise office building and land acquired for development of office property and housing projects for rental and/or capital appreciation. The property includes Kenya Re Towers, Upper Hill Nairobi, Anniversary Towers Nairobi, Reinsurance Plaza Nairobi and Reinsurance Plaza Kisumu.

Jan 16, 2017
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