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Trans-Century Plc (TCL)

End of day - Jun 07, 2023
+0.06 (+7.41%)
0.87   +0.06 (+7.41%)
End of day - Jun 07, 2023
0.69 - 1.35
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Corporate Actions Outlook

Commencement of trading in excercised 5:1 rights Apr 26 2023
End of trading in renounceable 5:1 rights Feb 03 2023
Commencement of trading in renounceable 5:1 rights Dec 29 2022
Book closure 5:1 rights Dec 13 2022

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Market Commentary

In this article, I analyse Centum's fundamentals to illustrate the reasons why I believe in the company is undervalued and has a solid business model.
Transcentury posted its annual results for the year ending 2013 revealing a tumultuous year that saw its revenues drop 12.6% to KES 11.8 billion from KES 13.5 billion. The investment group notably disposed of its entire 34% shareholding in Kenya-Uganda Railways netting KES 3.88 billion in sale proceeds possibly to be invested in new high growth areas

Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Alternative Investment Segment
Sector: Investment

TransCentury Limited is a Kenya-based company engaged in power transport infrastructure and engineering industries across Africa. The Company operates in four business segments: Power, Infrastructure Projects, affiliate holdings and Engineering. The Power segment is engaged in manufacturing of aluminum and copper cables and manufacturing of transformers and switchgears. The Transport segment is engaged in rail infrastructure and support services. The Engineering segment includes civil, cranage and erection, mechanical engineering and logistics services. This segment also includes installation of weigh bridges, generators, bearings and sub stations. The Company's subsidiaries include Cable Holdings (Kenya) Limited, Avery Kenya Limited, Tanelec Limited, TransCentury Holdings Pty Limited, Crystal Limited and TransCentury Mauritius Holdings Limited among others.

The Company's Strategy going forward is in the Consolidation of the electrification business and subsequent centralisation, offering of specialised engineering, logistics and EPC contracting for the Oil and Gas, Power and Mining Sector. The company also plans to focus on offering energy and transport infrastructure to support current ongoing Flagship Projects. 

Jan 16, 2017
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