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Safaricom Ltd (SCOM)

End of day - Feb 20, 2017
-0.05 (-0.28%)
18.00   -0.05 (-0.28%)
End of day - Feb 20, 2017
15.60 - 21.75
52-week Range
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Corporate Actions Outlook

Payment of KES 0.68 special dividend Dec 01 2016
Payment of KES 0.76 final dividend Dec 01 2016
Book closure KES 0.68 special dividend Sep 02 2016
Book closure KES 0.76 final dividend Sep 02 2016

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Market Commentary

The common market myth that evaluating a company and evaluating a stock is the same thing is a misconception. At face value this may seem to be fairly logical, but on close scrutiny, there is a great deal of difference between evaluating a stock and evaluating a company.
According to research carried out by various investment analysts, the intrinsic value of the Safaricom share ranges between KES 18.67 to KES 20.69. A consensus forecast survey carried out by 16 polled investment analysts covering Safaricom Limited concluded that the company may outperform the market.
KCB group reported a profit of 15 billion Kenya shillings for the year 2013 marking a 17% increase in profit before tax. The bank has maintained its position as the most profitable bank in the region.
Britam reported a profit of KES 3.2 billion up from 2.8 billion in the previous year, heralding a growth of 12.2% in the year. The good news was translated into dividends as the company announced a dividend of KES 0.25 per share.

Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Telecommunication and Technology

Safaricom Limited is a  service-providing telecommunications company offering a broad range of services to its customers. The company currently enjoys a 647% market share as at December 2015, and with over twenty five milion subscribers. Safaricom is primarily engaged in  offering a comprehensive range of integrated telecommunication services, including mobile and fixed Voice, SMS, Data, Internet and Mobile money (M-PESA). Additionally the company offers business telecom services including business connectivity, enterprise mobility and managed IT and telecom services.

Safaricom has embarked on a new strategy to deepen access to its customers by opening regional headquarters across the country. Devolving its operations into regional headquarters will greatly improve customer service and boost efficiency.  Safaricom is also the first Kenyan service-provider to offer the actual 4G (4th Generation) LTE (Long Term Evolution) network currently 20 counties, A wireless network standard  delivering 10x 3G speeds to smartphones, modems and other broadband powered devices. It is these, among many other robust corporate strategies that have seen Safaricom rise to become a market leader in the kenyan telecommunications industry with the Underlying Business growing at a faster rate than the core business.

Jan 16, 2017

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