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Olympia Capital Holdings Ltd (OCH)

End of day - Jun 12, 2024
-0.25 (-8.47%)
2.70   -0.25 (-8.47%)
End of day - Jun 12, 2024
2.58 - 5.60
52-week Range
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Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Investment

Olympia Capital, formerly known as  Dunlop Kenya, is a holding company for six firms operating in Kenya, Botswana and South Africa. The group’s subsidiaries manufacture and sell products used in the construction industry, cleaning chemicals, water pumps and fire prevention equipment. The Company's main investments are in companies dealing in the manufacture and sale of products used in construction industry, such as floor tiles, adhesives, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (u-PVC), windows and door frames, cleaning chemicals as well as fire prevention equipment, water pumps and real estate. Its subsidiaries include Avon Rubber Company (Kenya) Limited, Olympia Capital Corporation (Pty) Limited, Mather and Platt (Kenya) Limited and Olympia Capital Corporation Limited.

The Company, through Olympia Capital Corporation (Pty) Limited holds interest in Kalahari Floor Tiles (Pty) Limited, which in turn holds Gaborone Enterprises Limited, all of which are domiciled in Botswana. Gaborone Enterprises (Pty) Limited has investment property generating rental income. The Company recently announced plans to close two of its loss-making subsidiaries  Dunlop Industries and  Cape Town-based Tiespro Tradingin a move that seeks to optimize operations. The company additionally has interests in Real Estate. 

Jan 16, 2017
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