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Kenya Electricity Generating Company Plc (KEGN)

End of day - Oct 03, 2022
-0.03 (-0.86%)
3.47   -0.03 (-0.86%)
End of day - Oct 03, 2022
3.35 - 4.85
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Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Energy and Petroleum

Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited (KenGen) is a Kenya-based electric-power generation company. The Company's principal activity is to generate and sell electricity to the authorized distributor, Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited (Kenya Power). KenGen develops, manages and operates power generation plants. The Company supplies bulk electric energy to Kenyan market and eastern Africa region. The Company has installed capacity of approximately 1,617 megawatts. It utilizes various sources to generate electricity ranging from geothermal, hydro, wind and thermal. The Company owns approximately 32 power generating plants. It offers geothermal and technical services.  Its hydro power stations include Gitaru power station, Kamburu power station and Wanjii power station. Kipevu III power station is its thermal power plant. Olkaria1 and Olkaria2 are its geothermal power plants. Ngong power station is its wind power plant. KenGen is currently producing upto 70% of the electrcity produced in the country. 

Kengen is the 7th largest Geothermal producer in the world and largest in Africa contributing upto 31.5 % of total installed capacity. The company has positioned itself as the largest wind power producer in East Africa with a capacity of 25.5 Mw. The strategic path adopted by the company has a long term goal of having an installed capacity of 10,000 Mw by the year 2030 and an additonal 700 Mw by the year 2020. KenGen’s significant asset base, strong balance sheet and integrated model set apart from peers. The company also has a competitive edge based on their strive to optimize profits through each value chain process, investing in Information systems for effective decision making and the adoption of international operating benchmarks to enhance operational efficiency. 


Jan 16, 2017
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