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Nation Media Group (NMG)

End of day - Oct 30, 2014
-1.00 (-0.34%)
294.00   -1.00 (-0.34%)
End of day - Oct 30, 2014
275.00 - 345.00
52-week Range
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Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Commercial and Services

Nation Media Group is a Kenya-based company engaged in the publication, printing and distribution of newspapers and magazines; radio and television broadcasting, and in the provision of electronic media and Internet in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania through its subsidiaries and associate companies. Its broadcasting portfolio consists of NTV television stations, and Easy FM and KFM radio stations. In addition to the publishing, printing and distribution of national newspapers and magazines, Nation Media Group also distributes various international brands, such as the Economist, Times, Newsweek and Fortune magazines. The Company’s trading subsidiaries include Nation Marketing & Publishing Limited, Monitor Publications Limited, Mwananchi Communications Limited, Nation Holdings Tanzania Limited, Africa Broadcasting Uganda Limited and East African Magazines Limited.

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