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KenolKobil Ltd (KENO)

End of day - Feb 18, 2019
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End of day - Feb 18, 2019
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Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Energy and Petroleum

Kenol Kobil Group is an oil and petroleum company, which engages in the importation of crude oil for refining, trading, storage and distribution of refined and other petroleum products. The company operates its business through three business segments: Inland Market, Export, Trading & Aviation and Niche business.  The Group consists of subsidiaries in eight African countries outside Kenya (Head Office) including; Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Ethiopia, Burundi and Mozambique. The Group sold its subsidiaries in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo, marking an exit from the two countries. As a growing pan African oil marketing company, the company has  perfected it's business in the downstream sourcing and marketing of petroleum. KenolKobil Group trades in both crude and refined petroleum products which include motor fuels, industrial oils, LPG, aviation fuels, lubricants and various other specialist oils. 

Kenol Kobil Group is the only oil marketing company in East, Central and Southern Africa regions with an African Trading Desk. The Trading Desk  is involved in large scale procurement and selling of Petroleum products including Crude Oil, Petroleum Solvents, White Oils, LPG and Lubricants to Government bodies, large industrial establishments and refineries in Africa and other far off markets. The company strategy has shifted from aggressive regional and market share expansion to a focus on profitable countries and market segments. This has been achieved through selling of assets, cutting down on borrowing and scaling down its activities in fuel trading and at the open tender system.

Jan 16, 2017
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