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Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd (KCB)

End of day - May 26, 2016
+0.50 (+1.27%)
39.75   +0.50 (+1.27%)
End of day - May 26, 2016
36.00 - 61.00
52-week Range
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Corporate Actions Outlook

Book closure KES 1.00 first and final dividend May 03 2016
Book closure KES 1.00 first and final dividend May 02 2016
Book closure KES 1.00 first and final dividend May 02 2016
Announced a KES 1.00 first and final dividend Mar 02 2016
Announced a KES 1.00 first and final dividend Mar 02 2016
Announced a KES 1.00 first and final dividend Feb 03 2016

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Market Commentary

Equity Bank Group operates in five geographical markets: Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda and Tanzania. Its intrinsic value ranges between KES 49.46 to of KES 55.32. Its achievements, leadership and strategies continue to propel it as a bank worth investing in
Common Market Myths: Buy the Stock That Splits
Continued investments in technology-based service delivery channels such as mobile and internet banking services has enabled banks to cut on operational costs and boost efficiency.
KCB group reported a profit of 15 billion Kenya shillings for the year 2013 marking a 17% increase in profit before tax. The bank has maintained its position as the most profitable bank in the region.
Inflation has increased for the ninth straight month in July, bringing renewed pressure on the Central bank to tighten its monetary policy. Inflation may slow to between 8 percent and 9 percent by the end of the year if the central bank raises rates, while failure to tighten monetary policy may keep the inflation rate above 12 percent.

Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Banking

KCB Group Limited registered as a non-operating holding company with effect from January 1, 2016.  The holding company oversees KCB Bank Kenya - incorporated on January 1, 2016 - and all KCB’s regional units in Tanzania, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia. It also owns KCB Insurance Agency, KCB Capital, KCB Foundation and all associate companies.  The bank provides corporate and retail banking services across the East Africa region and is currently present in all the 47 counties of Kenya. The company operates its business through the following segments: Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Mortgages, Treasury and Other Group. The Retail Banking segment provides services such as customer current accounts, savings and fixed deposits to individuals. The Corporate Banking segment offers services such as current accounts, fixed deposits, overdrafts, loans and other credit facilities both in local and foreign currencies. The Mortgages segment engages in the provision of mortgage finance through KCB S&L. The Other Group segment comprises trade finance and forex business activities.

KCB Group Limited is listed on the banking sector of the Nairobi Securities Exchange and is a constituent company of the NSE 20 share index. The Company is cross listed in the Dar-es-salaam, Uganda and Rwanda Stock Exchanges. This is strategic in accessing unrestricted capital in the region. KCB’s strength lies in its corporate services focusing on supporting existing value chains and clusters that contribute positively to the total Risk weighted Assets.  The bank has the largest asset base in the region at half a Trillion Kenya Shillings which makes it superior compared to it's peers and can easily access capital subsequently. The wide asset base enables it to leverage on the possible consolidation of the Banking Sector due to the increased capital requrements. The bank's customers include retail, corporate, SME's and Government (both county government and National Government). 

Apr 25, 2016

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