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Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd (COOP)

End of day - Oct 30, 2014
-0.25 (-1.16%)
21.25   -0.25 (-1.16%)
End of day - Oct 30, 2014
17.00 - 25.00
52-week Range
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Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Banking

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd is a Kenya-based company that provides various banking and related products and services to retail, corporate, and institutional customers. The CompanyâÂÂs personal banking products and services comprise deposit products, including current accounts, deposit accounts, and cards; loan products, such as co-op personal loans, personal loans for shares and personal loan top-ups, among other, and electronic banking and money transfer services. Its banking products and services for businesses and institutions include business current accounts, overdrafts, co-op asset finance, co-op insurance finance, letters of credit, documentary collections, bonds and guarantees, short and long term loans, and electronic funds transfer. The Company also offers cash cover facility, insurance finance, consultancy services, loans, and education schemes for co-operatives. In addition, it provides investment banking services and various foreign exchange services.

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