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Flame Tree Group Holdings Ltd (FTGH)

End of day - Jul 12, 2024
-0.08 (-6.78%)
1.10   -0.08 (-6.78%)
End of day - Jul 12, 2024
0.93 - 1.39
52-week Range
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Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Growth and Enterprise Market Segment
Sector: Manufacturing and Allied

Flame Tree Group  is engaged in the designing and manufacturing of plastic bulk storage, processing and transportation tank systems, as well as manufacturing cosmetics. The Company operates in food processing and in the hardware retail sector. It’s products include tanks; cosmetics, which include hand and body lotion, nail polish and hair care products, and hair extensions; food, which include snacks; polymer, and hardware, which include construction hardware items. The Company operates in two segments: Manufacturing and Trading. Its Manufacturing segment manufactures polyethylene products. Its Trading segment engages in supplying of various hardware materials, including pipes, water tanks, gate valves, and various other plumbing and construction materials.

Flame Tree Group’s brands include Roto Tanks, Jojo Plastics, Zoe, Cerro, Alana Skin, Siora, Happy’s and Buildmart. The Company has operations in Mauritius, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Dubai and Mozambique. It has made acquisitions made in foods, snacks and cosmetics that have diversified it's product offering expandeing its manufacturing capability and product lines. 

Jan 16, 2017
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