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Barclays Bank Ltd (BBK)

End of day - Jan 22, 2020
-0.30 (-2.22%)
13.20   -0.30 (-2.22%)
End of day - Jan 22, 2020
10.05 - 13.85
52-week Range
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Corporate Actions Outlook

Payment of KES 0.20 interim dividend Oct 11 2019
Book closure KES 0.20 interim dividend Sep 07 2019
Announced a KES 0.20 interim dividend Aug 30 2019

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Market Commentary

For the longest time the Kenyan banks have been the port of call for investors; they were profitable, resilient, and stable and the price gains were attractive. This was especially true for the 6 leading banks. However, for the last three years it seems the fellowship of the gold standard has been haunted by new demons. Have the Kenyan banks lost their shine?
Equity Bank Group operates in five geographical markets: Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda and Tanzania. Its intrinsic value ranges between KES 49.46 to of KES 55.32. Its achievements, leadership and strategies continue to propel it as a bank worth investing in
Jubilee has shown a consistent growth in both the top and bottom line over the years, showing superior performance on majority of financial analysis metrics
Continued investments in technology-based service delivery channels such as mobile and internet banking services has enabled banks to cut on operational costs and boost efficiency.
Inflation has increased for the ninth straight month in July, bringing renewed pressure on the Central bank to tighten its monetary policy. Inflation may slow to between 8 percent and 9 percent by the end of the year if the central bank raises rates, while failure to tighten monetary policy may keep the inflation rate above 12 percent.

Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Banking

Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd a subsidiary of Barclays Africa Limited provides banking and financial services. It provides services to retail, corporate, treasury and card services with cross-functional relationship to support the segments of local business and small to mid-sized enterprises. With an extensive footprint of 119 outlets and over 230 ATMs spread across the country the banks boasts of years of superb financial performance that has built confidence among the various stakeholders. The bank has diversified it's operations with the following units: Personal banking, Prestige banking, Premier banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury and Life Assurance. 

Barclays financial strength coupled with extensive local and international resources have positioned Barclays as among the top provider of financial services in the Kenyan market. Barclays Plc recently announced it's plan to sell its African subsidiaries and focus on Trans- Atlantic Business. Barclays PLC currently owns 62% of Barclays Africa which in turn owns 68.5% in Barclays Kenya. Barclays Africa Group will negotiate to retain its brand name even after its London-based parent Barclays Plc divests from the continent due to the immense value among it's customers.


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