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Nation Media Group Plc (NMG)

End of day - Jul 12, 2024
+0.15 (+0.88%)
17.25   +0.15 (+0.88%)
End of day - Jul 12, 2024
16.20 - 22.40
52-week Range
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Market Commentary

The uncertainty of an open digital market was not reassuring to investors. With a camera and a channel, anyone can start a TV station and broadcast on the digital platform. The quality difference would not be different.

Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Commercial and Services

Nation Media Group Ltd. engages in the publication, printing and distribution of newspapers and magazines and radio and television broadcasting. The Newspapers & Magazines segment provides courier, third party printing services and digital operations. It also comprises of brands, which include Business Daily, The Daily Nation, The Daily Monitor, Taifa Leo and The East African. The Broadcasting segment comprises of NTV, NTV Uganda, Q Fm, K Fm and Easy FM, which broadcasts informative news, music, movies, comedies and talk shows. The Nation Carriers Division distributes its products around the country. Mwananchi Communications Limited Tanzania publishes Kiswahili papers Mwananchi daily and Mwana Spoti a weekly all-sports newspaper and recently an English daily The Citizen. 

The group recently Commissioned a new press that has accreud some benefits like Richer menu of exclusive print advertising formats for diverse advertising targets 80 pages, all with 4 colors that is efficienct and cost effective.Nation Media Group (NMG) is the first company in East Africa to embrace the use of Instant Articles, Facebook’s recently-unveiled platform for publishing and disseminating news stories.MG will use the latest medium to grow its superiority in online reach and improve user experience. The group is the number one in the digital space with 5 Million facebook followers, 2.6 Million Twitter followers and 100,000 Instagram followers. 

Jan 16, 2017
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