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East African Breweries Ltd (EABL)

End of day - Sep 23, 2022
-3.75 (-2.59%)
141.25   -3.75 (-2.59%)
End of day - Sep 23, 2022
110.00 - 175.00
52-week Range
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Corporate Actions Outlook

Book closure KES 7.25 final dividend Sep 15 2022
Announced a KES 7.25 final dividend Jul 28 2022
Payment of KES 3.75 interim dividend Apr 27 2022

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Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Manufacturing and Allied

East African Breweries Ltd. engages in the brewing, manufacture, and trade of beverages. EABL is listed in the Nairobi, Uganda and Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchanges. Diageo of which EABL is a subsidiary has its ordinary shares listed on the London Stock Exchange (DGE).The company products include beers, sprits, wines, and non-alcoholic drinks. It distributes under the following brands: Tusker, Pilsner, White Cap, Allsopps, Bell, Guiness, Windhoek, Senator, Serengeti, Malta guiness, Alvaro, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Richot, Bond 7, Waragi, V&A, Snapp, Ciroc, Baileys, Captain Morgan, and Blossom Hill. EABLhas a number of subsidiaries across the region namely: Kenya Breweries Limited, Uganda Breweries Limited, Serengeti Breweries Limited, United Distillers Vintners, East African Maltings Limited and East African Breweries International.

EABL is the market leader in Kenya with a clear strategy of driving cost through focusing on Local Sourcing of raw and packaging materials, Driving Operating Efficiences and Increasing operating productivity across all Functions and Investments. The main competitors of EABL are Keroche Breweries and London Distillers in the spirits market. EABL is countering intense competition by focusing on supply chain efficiencies by driving outlet standards through use of sales force automation, distributor transformation in Kenya and Uganda and Increasing the use of rewards and Incentives to ensure deeper brand availability. 


Jan 16, 2017
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