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Bamburi Cement Ltd (BAMB)

End of day - Jul 24, 2024
+1.00 (+1.67%)
61.00   +1.00 (+1.67%)
End of day - Jul 24, 2024
21.30 - 63.50
52-week Range
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Corporate Actions Outlook

Payment of KES 5.47 first and final dividend Jul 25 2024
Book closure KES 5.47 first and final dividend May 24 2024
Announced a KES 5.47 first and final dividend Apr 17 2024

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Market Commentary

The economy is partly struggling because of excessive importation of cheaper goods. Chinese contractors come with their equipment, materials, cement and labour. Local manufacturers struggle to compete with Chinese products. It's a ruthless battle and battles are costly.
Intelligent investors are busy purchasing stocks now, such that when the market recovers, their portfolio averages will be low enough to start gaining earlier than their counterparts who are waiting to start buying when the hype about markets rebound hits the mainstream news channels.
In this article I use the Dividend Discount Model for different valuation scenarios for Bamburi Cement. I use 2%, 4% and 8% growth rates in DPS and 10%, 12.5% and 15% in EPS to illustrate price targets under these scenarios. I also use a 10.68% rate (current 364 Treasury bill rate) to discount future projected earnings and dividends back to the present date.

Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Construction and Allied

Bamburi Cement Limited is a provider of building materials. The Company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of cement and cement related products. The Company also owns and maintains an environmental park created from rehabilitated quarries. The Company operates through two segments: Kenya and Uganda. Both segments are engaged in the manufacture and sale of cement. The remaining business activities, which include manufacture and sale of ready mix concrete, precast products and rehabilitation of quarries that are used as source of raw materials for cement production. The Company's cement products include Powermax, Powercrete, Nguvu, Supaset, Multipurpose and Powerplus, and Concrete products include Bamburi readymix concrete, Bamburiblox and Bamburi precast mold. The Company has three subsidiaries (Hima Cement, Bamburi Special Products and Lafarge Eco systems). It also has an integrated plant based in Mombasa and a grinding plant located in Athi River. Apr 24, 2016
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