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Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd (COOP)

End of day - Sep 23, 2022
+0.05 (+0.42%)
12.05   +0.05 (+0.42%)
End of day - Sep 23, 2022
10.30 - 14.00
52-week Range
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Corporate Actions Outlook

Payment of KES 1.00 first and final dividend Jun 17 2022
Book closure KES 1.00 first and final dividend May 30 2022

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Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Banking

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd. offers banking and related services.The bank has a universal model in its product offering ranging from retail banking, corporate and trade finance, foreign exchange, mobile and internet services, stock brokerage, fund management, asset finance, mortgage, bancassurance, custodial and registrar services in addition to banking Cooperatives. The bank has positinioed itself in Banking the Cooperative movement which is an emerging mobiliser of resources and advancing affordable credit to support target groups like farmers. 

The Bank recently engaged McKinsey a global Consultancy Company in August 2014 to perform a growth and efficiency reveiw of the Group's business to enhance competitiveness in Kenya's Banking Sector going forward. The Group has an innovative strategy for regional expansion in new frontiers such as Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania,Ethiopia and South Sudan through it;s unique co-operative model.The bank distinguishes itself from its peers by the nature of its business strategy by regurlarly intervening in selected sectors of the economy with a view to achieving transformation in challenged sectors, notably in agriculture.


Apr 26, 2016
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