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East African Cables Plc (CABL)

End of day - Jul 15, 2024
-0.03 (-3.19%)
0.91   -0.03 (-3.19%)
End of day - Jul 15, 2024
0.79 - 1.08
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Market Commentary

Photo: cio.co.ke EA Cables released its final year results on Friday 14th March. The net profit stood at KES 398 million, a 23.7% drop in profits compared to KES 522 million the company made the previous year. The company saw a 5% increase in revenue in the year under review but was weighed down by an increase in operational expenditure.

Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Construction and Allied

East African Cables is a cable manufacturer, with a footprint that spreads across East and Central Africa. The company has four manufacturing facilities: two In Nairobi, Kenya and Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania and in Eastern DRC. EAC is present in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia, through a distribution network.

EAC manufactures an extensive range of cables for applications in domestic and industrial lighting, as well as transmission and distribution of electricity. The company also offers Data, Telecommunication and Fiber Optic solutions with requisite accessories. Its product portfolio includes: Copper electrical cables and conductors for domestic as well as industrial applications- PVC and XLPE based products, Aluminum  conductors and cables used for power distribution and transmission over national gridlines- AAC, ACSR and ABC Products, Telecommunication and Data cables; LAN cables, Fiber optic cables and related accessories. East African Cables has recently commissioned a new manufacturing plant in Kenya.

Jan 16, 2017
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