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Longhorn Publishers Plc (LKL)

End of day - Jul 15, 2024
+0.17 (+7.33%)
2.49   +0.17 (+7.33%)
End of day - Jul 15, 2024
2.00 - 2.93
52-week Range
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Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Alternative Investment Segment
Sector: Commercial and Services

Longhorn Publishers is a public limited liability company owned and run by Kenyans.  Longhorn is the only publisher with full approval by the ministry of Education in 12 key subjects for secondary and primary schools. The company launched its Sasa Sema Publications Limited. Sasa Sema provides reference books, creative works, biographies and general knowledge books to cater for the unmet needs within the general leadership space and thus provide a balance diet. This initiative was in line with the company’s strategy of diversifying its product range to include books for general leadership.

The Company Subsidiaries Include  Longhorn Publishers Uganda Limited which was incorporated in Uganda as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Longhorn Kenya Limited. Activities of the Kampala office are currently limited to sales and promotion. Development of the products for that market is carried out by the editorial department of Longhorn Kenya. Another subsidiary, Longhorn Publishers Tanzania Limited which was incorporated in May 2005, runs as a sales and promotions outfit for products developed by Longhorn Kenya. Some of the products are specifically developed for Tanzania market. Longhorn entered the Rwanda market and it has local presence in Rwanda run by a Country Operations Manager

Jan 16, 2017
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