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CIC Insurance Group Ltd (CIC)

End of day - Jul 12, 2024
+0.05 (+2.29%)
2.23   +0.05 (+2.29%)
End of day - Jul 12, 2024
1.80 - 2.50
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Corporate Actions Outlook

Payment of KES 0.13 first and final dividend Jul 08 2024
Book closure KES 0.13 first and final dividend Jun 04 2024
Announced a KES 0.13 first and final dividend May 14 2024

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Jubilee has shown a consistent growth in both the top and bottom line over the years, showing superior performance on majority of financial analysis metrics
Jubilee holdings announced their full year results for 2013. Net profits grew by 9.56% to stand at KES 2.5 billion. Gross premium revenue stood at 18 billion compared to KES 15.4bn the previous year, a 16.9% growth. Results display a company in the right growth trajectory.
CIC Insurance released its 2013 year end results which registered a marginal rise in profitability. Profits before tax stood at KES 1.67 billion, up 1.3% from KES 1.64 billion in 2012 due to increase in claims incurred and operating expenses.

Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Insurance

CIC Insurance Group Ltd. operates as a micro insurance provider in Kenya that offers general insurance, group life and individual life insurance services. It operates its business through the following segments: General insurance business, Long term insurance business and other businesses. The company provides insurance services to Agriculture, Asset Management, General business, Group life, Individual life, Medical, Micro Insurance and Pension sectors. The Group comprises three subsidiaries namely CIC Life Assurance, CIC General Insurance Ltd, CIC Asset Management Ltd and Takaful Ltd respectively.The company has maintained a Compounded Annual growth rate of 62% over the last 5 years due to good strategies employed in the Underwriting business. CIC is an anchor underwriter of the 10-million-member Co-operative Movement in Kenya which is also a founder member Guaranteeing continuity of business. A niche market that CIC has tapped is in the provision of crop and livestock insurance. 

The company expansion strategy is entering new markets in the region including  the East and Central parts of Africa such as South Sudan, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Its  robust performance over the years has seen it join the constituent securities in the NSE 20 share Index which classifies it as bluechip. CIC Insurance recently announced that it will venture into real estate with a Sh2.8 billion commercial and residential development on its 200 acre parcel in Kiambu county diversyfying its business segments. The company is well capitalized as compared to risks taken thus complying with Regulations and Guidlines that are provided for by the Insurance regulator. 


Jan 16, 2017
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