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Equity Group Holdings Plc (EQTY)

End of day - Sep 23, 2022
-0.45 (-0.95%)
47.10   -0.45 (-0.95%)
End of day - Sep 23, 2022
38.75 - 54.50
52-week Range
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Corporate Actions Outlook

Payment of KES 3.00 first and final dividend Jun 30 2022
Book closure KES 3.00 first and final dividend May 20 2022

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Brief Company Profile

Market Segment: Main Investment Segment
Sector: Banking

Equity Group Holdings Limited offers retail banking, microfinance and related services. The bank has subsidiaries in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda and Tanzania with its shares listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange and the Uganda Securities Exchange.  Equity Bank retains a passionate commitment to empowering its clients to transform their lives and livelihoods. Through a business model that is anchored on access, convenience and flexibility, the Bank has evolved to become an all inclusive financial services provider with a growing pan African footprint. Equity Group holdings. The bank has invested in growing agency banking which has led to a steady increase in the transactions at agents overtaking Branch and ATM. The bank is diversifying the target market by focusing on both SME's and Corporates.

The company operates through three segments: Consumer, Small & Medium Enterprises and Corporate. The Consumer segment targets salaried customers or customers receiving other regular remittances like pension. The Small and Medium Enterprises segment provides working capital needs, property development or acquisition of assets. The Corporate segment comprises large enterprises, which offers working capital needs, large scale development, property acquisition, large investments and acquisition of assets.

Equity group holdings has differentiated itself as a market leader in innovation and adoption of technology in the running of it's operations. The recent launch of the thin sim technology (Equitel)  has been a game changer as it enhances convinience and lowers transaction costs for Equity customers. Equitel combines both banking and telecom services including voice, data and SMS services on a single SIM card.The bank is also active in CSR through Equity Group foundation that supports Education and Leadership Development among other programs.

Apr 25, 2016
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